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Oregon-based alternative hip-hop and rap artist SLITXOX returns with a highly hypnotic and astonishing album dubbed “Diencephalon.”

When you talk about artists who have managed to carve a niche lane for themselves in the ever-expanding and growing hip-hop and rap music scene, then you cannot fail to mention Oregon-based artist SLITXOX, who has pioneered his own sound within the stylistic caliber of underground hip-hop and alternative rap, which he delivers with a unique voice that stands out in the industry. This is to emphasize the uniqueness of SLITXOX.

SLITXOX is currently making waves following the release of his new full-length album dubbed “Diencephalon,” a 10-track collection that features a unique and hypnotic lyrical approach as SLITXOX transports the listener into a world of his creation and makes sure they are lost completely in the music.

Let’s talk about the outstanding beat in “Crabs In A Bucket”; it’s hard to get enough of it; a deep sawtooth bass that creates a floor-rattling impact on the listener backed by that gritty lyrical presentation as SLITXOX smashes through the beat with the rule-breaking swagger of a pirate.

The opening track is another bona fide standout track from this album that sees SLITXOX levitate over the heavy, hypnotic production and deliver a masterclass in alternative rap. Through an ecstatic blend of powerful melodies and unique lyrical content, you can’t help but experience a provocation of thoughts and imagery.

In its entirety, “Diencephalon” is a huge testament to the power of music and art to transcend boundaries.

The tracks have a vibrant, theatrical quality that shines through at times, with each track offering a little bit of a different viewpoint for a listener to soak in. Now, there are plenty of tracks from this album that stand out as singles and would probably be more than worthy of your time and a stunning playlist. However, listening to “Diencephalon” from top to bottom is really the way to go here!

To do exactly that, follow the attached link and sink your teeth into this super special masterpiece from an artist who has already reached an unrivaled high!

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