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Certified Indian rapper and artist Snapdibz has a new purposeful single, “My Life” featuring pop singer Rey

As someone who has seen the ups and downs of what life and society bring, Indian rapper Snapdibz paints pictures for his listeners with articulate and emotionally driven lyrics that captivate listeners with elements of pragmatism, wit, and relatability. His style of music cleverly evades stylistic pigeonholing, spanning rap and pop, backed by his intelligent pen game that allows him to craft lyrics that tap into common human experiences. His hit masterpiece “Backwards In My Head” showcased a rare gem that is more than ready to take that international spot and make it his own.

Snapdibz returns with a brand new single dubbed “My Life” featuring pop singer Rey who underscores the track’s catchiness thanks to his memorable chorus and sweet-sounding voice.

As the title suggests, “My Life” is about the essence of life and growth, the patience and discipline it takes to achieve something and the inevitable challenges that will come along the way. This was an ode to Snapdibz’s son, as he practically teaches some of life’s important lessons. Snapdibz breathes life with his distinct vocals, poetically transitioning from one verse to the next and vividly painting what the jam is all about.

The music video is an ideal reflection of what the track is all about, featuring eye-catching scenes of Snapdibz and his son as he teaches him the art of patience and discipline through Karete. You have to acknowledge the time and effort that went into creating such a cinematic music video as this; it highlights Snapdibz’s unwavering commitment to creating music that leaves listeners talking for days.

Another outstanding addition to Snapdibz’s impressive discography, “My Life” is a guaranteed hit with replay value and one that is deeply relatable.

Take some time to stream this jam, like the music video, add the track to your library, and share it with your friends.

Follow Snapdibz on Instagram (@snapdibz) for more information.


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