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New York City-based Snir Yamin announces the postponement of his highly anticipated single, “Aftermath,” with a new release date set.

NYC-based alternative pop star Snir Yamin boasts an extensive repertoire that spans an array of eclectic pop sounds. As a songwriter and musician known for his limitless creativity and versatility, he is constantly pushing his artistic envelope to release new songs and forge collaborations with other artists. Imagine the warm, woody, and infectious tones of acoustic guitar and upright bass paired with lush, distinctive pop percussion, each delivered with expert precision. Now, add the soulful, stirring vocals by songsmith Snir as he performs a collection of both retro-esque and futuristic pop music—that, ladies and gentlemen, is Snir Yamin for you!

His latest single, “aftermath” that was scheduled for release on September 1, 2023 has been pushed further to September 22, 2023, due to unavoidable circumstances.

The team experienced delays with the mixing studio in LA due to Hurricane Hilary hitting earlier in August, and the time it took for the studio to reopen meant that it was not possible to submit the track to all streaming platforms in time for the September 1st release.

A masterpiece drawing inspiration from Snir’s personal experiences and emotions, capturing the profound feelingsof heartbreak and pain and the journey towards reclaiming his own strength and independence, “aftermath” has all the markings of a viral hit.

Delivered from a place of honesty, introspection, and vulnerability, “aftermath” sees Snir pour his heart out for listeners to find their own stories within the lyrics.

Each verse is like a brushstroke, painting an intricate portrait of Snir trying to find solace and move on from this seemingly sad and heartbreaking experience.

When you truly look at it, “aftermath” really is a self-empowering song for anyone who might be going through a similar experience; indeed, life is much more than just past relationships, no matter how invested you were.

The pre-save link is out now; follow Snir on Instagram and check the pre-save link in his bio to stay a step ahead for when the song officially drops on September 22nd!

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