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Barcelona-based jazz band Soulcare’s “Live at Milano Jazz Club” is quite simply unforgettable!

Soulcare is a Barcelona-based jazz band that was born for the spotlight, and their multifaceted career is really shaping up to be nothing short of iconic. This band possesses extraordinary ways of projecting emotions through their music, both sonically and conceptually, and also relating to their listeners’ emotions. The band is fronted by lead singer and producer Yann Gaslain and Rodrigo Pa-Lhen, who is the band’s producer and pianist.

Their live performance, dubbed “Live at Milano Jazz Club,” which brought jazz music lovers under the historic Milano Jazz Club, was recorded, mixed, mastered, edited, and is finally available for streaming on all the major digital platforms.

What many enjoyed as a night of great timeless music and sharing good memories has been the result of a 2-year journey of hard work, unbridled passion, and unwavering determination by Soulcare to create moments like these!

12 tracks make up this live recording as the band takes you on a memorable musical odyssey you won’t soon forget. I sampled a few tracks in here just to spark your own appetite for the live performance and to let you know what to expect from this all-around performance.

The opening tune, “Your Song,” is as the title suggests. The delivery has been fine-tuned to meet a listener’s tastes with such a captivating vocal performance backed by impeccable instrumental playing. The exquisite blend of the drums, piano, guitar, and bass lures the listener in before the lead vocalist’s voice warms your heart with his cozy voice.

This is a romantic-flavored jam that is 6 minutes long, and it actually doesn’t feel like it—that’s how you know it’s a really great tune. You’ve also got to appreciate Gaslain’s sense of humor, which comes off as the tune progresses.

“Fly Me to the Moon” is another instant masterpiece that is birthed from that entrancing concoction of the piano and Gaslain’s own sultry voice. Proficiently, the drums and bass are slowly allowed in, and before long, the strikingly beautiful and colorful trumpet is frolicking with the rhythm and melody, adding flair and color to the arrangement.

“When I Was Your Man” is a delightfully charming ode to Bruno Mars’ original composition. The well rounded piano and cinematic cello set the tone before Gaslain’s emotion-drenched vocals lusciously slink over the impressive blend of rhythm and melody, exuding such a regretful tone that perfectly fits the track’s essence and narrative.

The backing vocals by Zohler add that crystal-clear polish to this timeless and catchy masterpiece.

“Étoile Filante” is a Spanish-flavored song that translates to ‘shooting star’- The candidly hit cymbal followed by the euphonious piano set the tone before Gaslain’s rich and soulful voice enters, whisking a listener away into a world of his creation. The instrumentation is opulent, following the inimitable cello playing by Andrew Amador and the goosebumps raising trumpet by Guillerno Calliero.

“The Long and Winding Road” is another standout from this live performance that features the tuneful piano by Pa- Lhen laying the foundation as the lead singer’s voice gently slides over the stripped back melodies exuding such a melancholic tone born of heartbreak. Later on, the tune is given color and depth with the cello and trumpet.

In its entirety, “Live at Milano Jazz Club” is a top-drawer performance from a band that has made a name for itself in Barcelona and beyond.

Already streaming on all the popular channels, this is the time to experience this enchanting live performance. Follow the attached link and sink your teeth deep into it from the start all the way to the end.

The live video for the performance is also available on Soulcare’s official YouTube channel and is worth checking out.

For more information, make sure you follow Soulcare on:

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