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Wonderful Days Are Here with Us As Sound Of Math Releases Another Emotional And Pristine Sound, “On Fire Without A Chance (Video Clip)

Sound of Math On Fire Without a Chance

Showing capabilities in all combinations of creative, technical talent and hard work and showing a lot of promise has been the story of Sound Of Math so far who seems to make compositions in ways that enable listeners worldwide to reaccess their natural powers, boost their self-awareness, dissolve their stress and fuel their happiness restoring their inner peace in this era of acute overstimulation and excessive activity. His astounding compositions such as, “Emaraude”, “Mirrors”, “Before Summer 2002”, “Eccentricity of An Astronaut”, “We are not Humans but we want to go home” and many others enable listeners to delve into a Sound Of Math’s inspired world that transcends reality. “On Fire Without A Chance” is a powerhouse project that is laden with mystery and hope at the same time. It is an intrinsically distinct composition that is in many ways beyond this world even with the visuals that have accompanied it telling a story of its own that is captivating and insightful in intriguing ways.

The Intro has been calibrated by poignant melodies as the keyboard piano figuratively explores the synthesis of ambient and soul-searching soothing tones. The introspection is built further with the adeptness of the more complex instrumentation that is cleverly arranged such as the ambient drum machine and the glorious winding guitar melody driving the soundscape and bringing to life the composition’s vision. This is a bona fide dynamo and the tonality versatility in balancing the life’s dimension, offering a melancholic tell-tale on one hand and exploring the profound joys of an enchanting universe on the other hand is the mark of a dexterous maestro.

The beauty of all these instrumentations blended with proficient grace is even made better with the beauty of the video clip which is a masterclass in expressing the thought of the song and will without a doubt push the limits of your imagination with the ensuing cinematography laden with palpable artistry that tells a story of the universe, summarizing all the events that permeate the world as it is. Sound Of Math did a tremendous job in capturing the melody’s theme as the expressive scenes vividly project what the composition is all about. Sound Of Math is putting his distinct stamp on the music industry which is sure to continue for years to come. Stay tuned and be on the lookout for his upcoming melodic meditations.

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