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Spike Sikes and His Awesome Hotcakes enchant with an epic masterpiece titled “The Only Thing”

Photo Credit: Matthew Mendonsa

Unbeholden to any sound, style, or genre, Spike Sikes and His Awesome Hotcakers’ music manifests itself in multiple ways, backed by sultry melodies and a somewhat quirky perspective, giving listeners an emotional connection to them and their music. The band also brings honest, introspective lyrics that capture multiple generations. The contagious energy of their eclectic sound is a reflection of their personalities; unique and nostalgic. In a time where everyone has all the answers and no solutions, life comes down to sacrificing who you are for who you can become and listening to some relatable and sing-along classics from this innovative artistic powerhouse that may have the solution to your sonic happiness and emotional gratification!

“The Only Thing” was recorded after the band met in person following the easing of the COVID restrictions, which, like many other bands and musicians, had taken a toll on their careers due to the cancelled shows and tours, live performances, and gatherings and meet-ups to record new projects. In a way, recording felt therapeutic, akin to the nostalgia that hits you when you come back home after years of being away in a foreign land.

An instant hit from the get-go, this tune embodies the band’s eccentric musicianship in every other way. The instrumentation has been well chosen, especially the elastic, warm, and expressive vocals that breathe life into this masterpiece with elegance and graceful ease.

The wind instruments, brass elements, and bass give this tune a colorful and vibrant jazz feel, encompassing a sound that is teeming with life and ambition. This tune has that indelible stamp of the band’s sunny, joyous positivity.

Spike Sikes and His Awesome Hotcakes possess a voracious appetite for many different sounds and refuse to stand still or confine themselves to any one sound or style.

Their best records have been a richly eclectic brew of soul, funk, R&B, alternative, swing, jazz, traditional pop, and rock and roll, among many other earworm sounds.

“The Only Thing” is such an outstanding addition to their cross-genre discography and a worthy addition to any music lover’s playlist.

Spike Sikes and His Awesome Hotcakes are gearing up for the release of their third studio album, which will be released when the timing is right.

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