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The Arkansas-Based rock band Stays In Vegas unleashes their brand new masterpiece, themed “Nevermore”

Donning the moniker Stays In Vegas is a three-piece rock band based out of Arkansas that is seriously stretching the boundaries of rock music to the best of their ability. Fronted by Christopher Fulmer, the lead singer and guitarist of the band, there is no sonic rabbit hole that they haven’t explored within the realms of rock. Their music is a staggering concoction of hard and alternative rock, creating music that feels timeless yet relevant, nostalgic, and still futuristic. Acclaimed and recognized for their versatility and strength on stage and on paper, Stays In Vegas is pulled by their deep desire to inspire, entertain, and empower their audiences.

Their latest single, “Nevermore” is a raw masterpiece with deeply haunting guitar riffs at its core and self-assured lead vocals.

The raw riffs lay the groundwork for the track before Christopher comes in and breathes life into the music with his equally raw, rich, and powerful vocals, delivering a powerful punch with his introspective delivery.

“Nevermore” hits you with soaring vocals and vibrant tones, with more color, depth, and edginess added by the bass and drums to round out this mesmerizing performance.

The dynamic guitar riffs seamlessly blend with the driving drumbeat and the bass to push you forward.

“Nevermore” is a powerful anthem of self-empowerment and moving on from a toxic relationship. This track borrows inspiration from personal experiences and emotions, capturing the raw feelings of reclaiming one’s strength and independence. The energetic instrumentation and expressive vocal delivery affirm that.

“Nevermore” is now streaming on all the popular streaming platforms, including Spotify, Pandora, Bandcamp, YouTube, and Soundcloud.

This is actually the first single off of Stays In Vegas’ upcoming fourth studio album, “The Ramen Conspiracy” scheduled for early 2024 release.

Follow the attached YouTube link to listen to this track, subscribe to SIV’s channel, like it, and share the music widely!

For more information, check out the band’s website at


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