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Luxembourg-based songwriter Steve Marinangeli is continuing his meteoric rise with his new enchanting single, “Collide”


“Rescue Me” marked the beginning of Steve Marinangeli’s music career and the start of his trailblazing musical journey that has now earned him widespread critical acclaim from far and wide. This artist transforms real-life experiences, imagined scenarios, and personal observations into melodies with broad appeal and has quickly ingratiated himself with the listeners of North America and beyond. His music blends creative pop with influences from the golden age, infused with modern twists, appealing to a wide audience. As a songwriter, it means that the creative process starts with him, with pen and paper, and after being content with what he has, he seeks singers to breathe life into the songs with their vocals and producers to round out his vision, and this collaborative process is how his music is brought to life.

“Collide” is the latest addition to Marinangeli’s impressive discography. This track is a catchy and vibrant ballad with a beautifully haunting soundscape and incredible vocals.

Upon hearing the demo for this track, it excited him and ignited his creative spark, inspiring him to delve deep into the creative process, writing and rewriting the song until it came out just as he wanted. He then sought out a singer and a producer, and the rest is this inexpressibly beautiful and enchanting body of work.

A celebration of love and that genuine connection towards someone, the tune’s theme is encapsulated right from the opening notes and lines: “Without you here, my life was incomplete… but now it’s time…”

This song is a huge testament to Steve’s expertise as a songwriter as the phrasing allows the singer ample comfort and freedom to vividly express the emotions, enabling listeners to visualize the lyrics and find their personal connection to the song.

The chorus is undeniably catchy and quotable, cementing its status as a sing-along anthem that captivates listeners from start to finish.

It’s songs like these that continuously prove what Steve is capable of—he keeps getting better and better, each time coming harder with tracks that ooze charisma, critical acclaim, and raw talent.

A special shoutout goes to Sefi Carmel, who mixed and mastered this jam. His exemplary work ensures this tune resonates with its intended quality and impact.

Already making waves in the airwaves, how about you become acquainted with this masterpiece right about this moment by following the link below? Recommendations to your friends are highly advised!


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