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Musician, Songwriter, And Producer Stevie 808 Is Set to Release His Highly Anticipated Debut Album, “808”

With a lifelong passion for music that began when he was just 6 years old, music was the inevitable destination for Stevie 808. This is the place where he finds sanctuary and is able to tell his stories in the best way he knows how. His eclectic style of music prides itself in its defiance; transcending the boundaries of genres as well as the limits of conventional thinking. His journey thus far has been one of constant evolution and self-discovery. His hard work, relentless ethic, and unwavering determination have culminated in this period of momentous pride as he gears up for the release of his debut album “808” that will officially drop on August 8, 2024.

While not releasing any singles ahead of the album, Stevie 808 is thrilled to share details about ‘Black Ice’, a track from this upcoming 12-song collection.

With this magical masterpiece, Stevie 808 collaborated with one of his past classmates and friends from Monmouth University.

I know a classic when I hear one, and this definitely ranks up there as one of the most beautiful, emotional, and memorable pop-rock anthems that you could ever wish to listen to. Both Stevie 808 and his collaborator deliver a compelling performance, showcasing such fervent passion with heartfelt appeal.

The intro is warm, laid-back, and inviting, setting an expressive tone for the emotive female vocals as she lays the foundation for the jam. As it progresses, the more it transcends, both in melody and emotions, as the guest female vocalist gives way to Stevie 808’s equally emotion-drenched vocals.

The instrumentation here benefits from excellent production; balancing moments of intensity with mellow, laid-back moments and allowing for the powerful and catchy lyrics to thrive. The driving percussion, punchy drums, colorful guitars, and striking bass provide the ideal backdrop for the performer’s spotlight-stealing vocals, leaving a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to listen to this jam.

‘Black Ice’ will be available with the rest of the album on its release date, a huge testament to the authenticity and emotional depth that Stevie brings to the table.

Simply put, first-class production supports this heartfelt anthem. Keep it here for a real-time update, and check out Stevie’s other single, ‘Way You Move,’ to become acquainted with his unique sound.

With the highly anticipated release of “808,” the alarm has been sounded; Stevie 808 is about to start cementing his indelible legacy, one hit at a time!


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