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Virginia Based Creative Professional Stolengoods’ New Single and Music Video for “Atlantic Ave” Is Out Now!

Stolengoods’ artistry is as unique and versatile as his stage name; this prodigious creative who aspires to go reach new heights as a meta musician hails from Virginia beach and has been ardently transforming his fascinations around the metaverse into melodic realities and is hopeful one day his efforts to be recognized as a certified Meta artist will finally pay off.  Stolengoods is also a bartender and a virtual reality company owner.

I find it very commendable the capacity Stolengoods has showcased to harness ingenuity in service of a mind-blowing virtual reality in his latest banger, “Atlantic Ave”- remember the VA beach is where he(and his homies) spend their every day and nights; the walks, skating and partying up and down the Atlantic Ave street and this is what inspired this masterpiece. It was also where he found his first love (pretty unforgettable, right!)

“Atlantic Ave” is very rhythmic and blends the lines of emo, hip-hop and pop with Stolengoods capitalizing on his ability to sing to deliver a consistent performance that sticks to the mind of the listener. He easily makes this a very haunting harmonious piece with the vocal embellishes just playing inevitably in your mind even after the track is gone,

This is one of those records you listen to and immediately fall in love with- the accompanying visual complement takes us downtown to his own imagination of the meteverse and it is such a treat to behold. It consumes your senses and all you want is for the cinematography to last forever with this virtual reality perfected from the first scene all the way to the last one- simply staggering!

This is actually his first music video shot inside the metaverse and it is genuinely commendable. Words might not be actually enough to express such stunning innovation in virtual production and I give him his flowers for such an authentic masterpiece as this.

This meta music video is now available on YouTube with the audio expected to be put back on all the streaming platforms as of this Friday.

To watch this metaverse reality; follow the attached link, subscribe to Stolengoods’ YouTube channel, watch the video, like it and share your thoughts under the comment section!

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