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Austin, Tx based alternative band Sweet Limb is set to release their new EP, dubbed “NICE”

If you are looking for a refreshing concoction of alternative, smoked-out R&B, and soulful hip-hop with Lo-Fi influences, then Sweet Limb has to be part of your playlist. This trio, fronted by Chris Robinson and featuring Jake Kirkby on drums and Patrick Sanders on bass, brings a certain captivating level of boundary-pushing artistry marked by emotive lyricism combined with raw organic storytelling, slick production, and first-rate execution.

Sweet Limb are set to release a new EP dubbed “NICE” that features three amazing tunes that showcase the trio’s inimitable inventiveness when it comes to creating memorable listening experiences that are near cathartic.

The opening track “Relate” is soulfully laid-back, with the gentle yet powerful production wrapping around the thought-provoking hip hop rhymes like a warm embrace, hitting the listener right in the feels. This is the perfect soundtrack for those late night slow drives or late night introspective walks. Music is so good that it makes you feel calm and happy at the same time. That blend of drums and bass is seamless and provides the perfect bed of support for Chris’ authentic performance on the mic.

“Insecure” features a dense beat with a hypnotic bass backed by masterful flows and outstanding lyrical showmanship. Any listener has got to appreciate that seamless blend of vivid storytelling and the arresting hooks that make this an addicting masterpiece that remains with you outside of the song.

With “Glow”, Sweet Limb displays such intricate and attention-grabbing wordplay, displaying an innate competency to craft vivid imagery, immersing listeners into their world. The impeccable flow and emotive delivery performed with such poetic finesse leaves an indelible impact on the listener’s heart and soul.

By all standards, “NICE” is a 10/10 performance that is expected to officially debut on August 1, 2023, on all streaming platforms.

To get up-close and personal with Sweet Limb, check them out on Instagram.

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