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Canadian/American band Swilly rocks you with that performance in “My Song.”

Swilly is a Canadian/American band that is dedicated to preserving the purity of organic rock by restoring the lost glory of that Rock N Roll sound that we all grew up listening to that was brimming with energy, character, and personality to move your body, mind, and soul. Fronted by singer and songwriter Steven Williams, this band has invited their global fans to join them on a journey of self-discovery as they cleverly shred the constraints of convention and embrace the limitless possibilities of artistic expression.

“My Song” is the type of track that makes you feel things: couched in the warm embrace of those edgy melodies and ethereally moved by that soul-stirring performance that is supported by a catchy and memorable chorus. You just want to listen to this track over and over again!

The arena-sized guitar riffs, self-assured vocals, fierce drums, and that colorful bass are why you deserve to listen to this masterpiece when the volume is at its maximum. This track has that vibrant Rock N Roll feel, and it is quite refreshing to hear each member of the band represent their piece magnificently, especially the raw intensity of the guitar riffs, which are my favorite bits.

Through the vocalist’s captivating energy, the drummer’s zestful rampage, the guitarist’s undomesticated resolve, and the bassist’s savage willpower, we witness Swilly’s passion. “My Song” has an epic combination of clean guitar notes countered by fast-paced distorted riffs that create that form of pizzazz and style that adds a nice layer of catchiness to the overall track.

The track boasts superb production both in audio and visuals—it lures you in from the get-go and makes camp in your brain for the rest of the day.

Swilly embodies authentic Rock N Roll with this matchless performance and proves why they are indeed the rock band to keep a keen eye and ear out for!

To listen to “My Song”, follow the attached link and make this your song by adding it to your music library!

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