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Surround Yourself With T. Mancuso’s “When We Die,” a Performance Worthy of a Virtuoso.

Mancuso is a multi-gifted singer/songwriter and saxophonist who has managed to carve out a niche lane for himself; pushing the genre boundaries with his eclectic sound by bridging various elements from different genres to make a well-rounded, dynamic style that cuts across funk, R&B, and rock to the more dynamic electro synth wave and synth pop. He comes as the whole package.

Mancuso has also been performing extensively with live bands such as Vic-20 and in front of live audiences, demonstrating his ability to connect with people through music. “When We Die” is the 3rd single off of his upcoming synthwave-inspired “Gravity” EP.

Breaking away from the smooth and melodic approach of the earlier release “Only You”, “When We Die” is punchier, more aggressive, and intensive, backed by the stylistic caliber of the electro synthwave for a delirious listening experience!

The groovy beat with a retro and modern touch imprints in your brain as T. Mancuso’s smooth vocals perfectly blend with the upbeat instrumentation to fashion pure nostalgia and an energizing stimulus from start to finish.

Mancuso’s vibrant work transports you in time and makes you taste the best of the synthpop music era!

“When We Die” comes from a genuine place of terror we all must feel about the inevitable death, and perhaps T. Mancuso’s reassurance of a peace beyond that will come with this seemingly disturbing life passage is a brilliant contrast to the way we all feel about death.

Using minimalism to its advantage, “When We Die” drills itself a pathway straight through its listener’s ears and lodges itself in your brain for the rest of the day.

“Gravity” is T. Mancuso’s first-ever synth-wave EP, and he can’t wait for everyone outside his sphere of influence to listen to it.

For now, it is imperative that you give this timeless and catchy masterpiece a listen because you deserve such great music as this!

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