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British singer-songwriter TaniA Kyllikki is back with a stunning ballad titled “In These Eyes” featuring Rynellton.

Acclaimed as a rising star in the music world, UK-based singer-songwriter TaniA Kyllikki truly is a heroine and royalty in her own right. Despite the numerous life-altering adversities that have marred her life and indeed career, she has remained steadfast and determined; pushing through the rocky patches; displaying such tremendous strength, fortitude, and resilience. She’s got steel inside of her.

The last three years have been such a revelation for her, with breakthrough songs “Remind Me”, “Rare”,” H.WC.” and “What If” elevating her to international acclaim and demanding the world’s attention.

She returns with another track, “In These Eyes,” a song that has the potential to propel her further into the global music charts.

Everything from the cover art, down to the performance and production stands out. An ode to true love building on a story of a man who is attracted to a beautiful woman’s green-blue eyes, falls in love, and is lucky enough to wed her, I also feel this tune emanated from TaniA’s own feelings and experiences with love, seeing that she and her fiancé Garry D. Hairston (Rynellton) officially tied the knot on June 10, 2023 (congratulations to them).

The song opens with an engaging electronic beat, with TaniA capturing the listener’s attention with her beautifully haunting, sultry vocals up to the 28-second mark, where the concoction of percussive instruments enter and add that crystal clear polish,

TaniA’s heavenly voice then seamlessly blends with the beat to authenticate a Hollywood-like sensation, displaying such an imposing range that is made more otherworldly following the Arabic influences around her awe-inspiring lead and backing vocal harmonies.

Towards the end, her flawless execution of the higher notes is nothing short of remarkable.

This performance is an exemplary demonstration of TaniA’s vocal prowess.

Rynellton (Garry D. Hairston) adds another layer of fascination to the song with his rap verse to round out this masterpiece.

“In These Eyes” has crossover appeal thanks to its house components, R&B spark, Arabic pop influence, hip-hop element, and that inescapable rock cadence.

“In These Eyes” is the first single off of TaniA’s upcoming sophomore album, “Free Spirited,” that is still in the works and is expected for release in 2024…we will be there no matter what!

For now, it’s only right that you savor this eclectic performance from an artist at the summit of her creative expression, and don’t forget to share it widely.

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