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Vancouver Based Artist Tasha Hillman Has a Brilliantly Inspiring Pop Anthem Titled, “Look at the Stars”

Tasha Hillman Look at the Stars

Music has always been the creative outlet for one singer and songwriter Tasha Hillman who hails from Vancouver, Canada. She is a gem who possesses an innate penchant for writing catchy tunes with relatable narratives. Inspired by all things music as well as her family, Tasha always pours unbridled love and passion into every track she writes. Being an avid storyteller, Hillman is influenced by real-life happenings- drawing inspiration and motivation for her music from personal experiences and hardships (music helped her cope with the death of her brother.)

Through transforming real-life events into melodies with near universal fascination, her music invokes very strong emotions in its listeners. Apart from making music that deeply resonates with its audiences, Hillman stunningly presents her music in multiple styles, all whilst still managing to maintain a consistent brand in indie pop, which is one of the intriguing factors that make Tasha Hillman the artist to keep an eye and ear out for!

Her music is distributed by Sony Orchard, and recently she was on the RiseUp TV Maritimes tour in June of this year, during which she performed in three provinces over the course of five days. Tasha’s latest inspirational ballad, “Look at the Stars” has been in heavy rotation everywhere with massive listeners mesmerized by the creative features and the accomplished songwriting at its core!

“Look at the Stars” is a motivational tune to remind you to appreciate life because it is beautiful and magical. No matter what you may be going through, always be grateful and don’t miss out on life’s awesomeness and incredibleness because we all live on borrowed time- just look at the stars for guidance!

Her sense of phrasing is impeccable and the accompanying instrumentation offers the perfect bed of support for her harmonious vocals to flourish. The gist of this track certainly rests on those easily quotable and memorable hooks that underscore the motivational theme of this track.

Cooking up a special and unique brand of pop sensation as this, Tasha Hillman once more outdoes herself as she positively spoils her listeners with what is a terrifically catchy piece of writing that has been hoisted to even greater heights by both a towering sense of musicianship and a heartfelt level of dexterous imagination.

With the guitar-infused rhythms, pop-soaked sense of sheer melodic invigoration, and passionate vocal presentation that is certain to pique a listener’s attention from the start to the end, “Look at the stars” is an undeniably remarkable piece of songwriting that is an outright joy to get lost in!

There is just a way the melodies bounce off one another in a precise yet fashionable manner with the rhythmic ideas carefully fragmented and spread across the instrumentation to create an intriguing bounce to the track and help the writing come alive so that the inspiration theme takes center stage- incredibly genius play here!

This is a case example of what Tasha Hillman can deliver and strike that balance between exciting sound design with impactful songwriting highlights her deep sense of musical knowledge and pins her as one of the most phenomenal talents to watch out for!

Follow her everywhere to get real-time updates on her upcoming projects, as she promises to conclude this year in style and go even harder next year to solidify her spot as a definitive international pop sensation!

To listen to “Look at the Stars” and add it as a favorite; follow the attached link and while at it, sharing it with others would be a really great idea!

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