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Afro-Asian artist TayHayze delivers an emotional performance in his new single, “Left My Hometown.”

Korey S.H Left My Hometown

TayHayze is an Afro-Asian artist whose parents came to America as immigrants. He grew up in a very rough neighborhood in New York and Arizona and was forced to learn to survive at a very young age. He was pretty passionate about music from a tender age, and his interaction with African American friends from his neighborhood inspired him to make music.

At the inception of what he hopes will be a trailblazing musical career, this prolific songwriter and performer blends an eco-conscious alternative hip-hop style with a refreshing fusion of soulful melodies and subtle atmospheric trap as he demonstrates an innate competency to curve his own path even when none is there.

“Left My Hometown” is his latest track and one that was inspired by the whole situation surrounding him leaving his hometown and everything in pursuit of his dreams.

An emo-inspired composition that conjures up comparisons with legendary artists like Juice Wrld, this track has been founded on a mellow and expressive guitar tone over the heavy trap production. With TayHayze’s melodious vocals floating over the melodies, it feels like he is jet-skiing over the beats.

“Left My Hometown” is both emotional and entertaining, making it a worthy addition to his growing catalog.

As a young upcoming artist, TayHayze is helping define a new sound as he redefines contemporary hip hop, and so far, he has showcased that he is not afraid of deploying his vulnerable side in service of relatable music.

“Left My Hometown” has all the markings of a viral hit and is one that can boost any playlist it is placed in.

With that said, I feel the time is now for you to enjoy this masterpiece from an artist with his whole future ahead of him.

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