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Brooklyn-based electronic dance music maestro Illectronic is set to release a new jam dubbed “Testimony,” a collaborative tour de force featuring the phenomenal DJ Santi Fabian

Oren Cohen is a Brooklyn-based EDM aficionado who wears the professional moniker illectronic. An artist and producer whose journey began as a fervent fan letting the rhythmic waves of electronic dance music from some of his favorite artists, DJs, and producers wash over him; his artistry has materialized into something impeccably huge. He has evolved into a trailblazer bringing such a consistent, forward-thinking, and visionary personality within the realms of EDM, weaving some of the sound’s legendary influences with his own unique twist to engineer something uniquely his. This has endeared him to both fans and critics, and his popularity is rising by the day!

In what promises to be a total banger that cannot be denied by its fans, illectronic has a new project dubbed “Testimony”- a collaborative effort with DJ Santi Fabian set to be released officially on September 1, 2023.

What was initially DJ Santi’s work, illectronic stumbled upon it and it left a lasting impression on him. That’s how he decided to add his artistic imprint and ingenuity to this powerful track, leading to the creation of this new ear candy about to be unleashed on eagerly waiting fanatics.

A first-class production, “Testimony” is a smash hit from the get-go; the balancing of the hypnotic rhythms, the electronic cadence, and the enchanting and captivating female vocals stop you in your tracks. It has also been stupendously executed…perhaps in a manner that hasn’t been seen in recent times!

There is still a very immersive, very ethereal feel to the arrangement, and the striking synths, driving bassline, and intricate percussion add ambiance and personality to the track overall.

The pulsating and hypnotic beats create a strong and mesmerizing groove, transporting the audience to another world where people can lose themselves in the music and dance the night away in that state of music-induced ecstasy!

Mark September 1 on your calendars because this is not one to miss, and while at it, check out illectronic’s stunning cross-genre discography on popular channels like Spotify, and you’ll be glad you did!

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