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Utica, Mississippi-based music producer and artist TG-18 takes us on a cosmic exploration through time and space with “U.T.I.C.A.”

Utica, Mississippi-based music producer and artist TG-18, who also wears the moniker TG-18- The Spaceman is an explorer of the galaxy, the stars…the entire space as much as he is an explorer of sound, and luckily for him, he has found a seamless way to intertwine the two into an otherworldly musical and cosmic fantasy that whisks listeners away to different universes and realms where everything comes alive. It is always surreal to watch his episodes where he manipulates sounds by tapping into the classics of our time and helping us discover hit music we might have forgotten or missed growing up.

U.T.I.C.A”, a nine-track project, transports listeners on an ambient, cosmic journey through time and space, as one would expect. The intention of this album is to hopefully help you feel a sense of freedom and dive into a place where you can find clarity, connect with your intuition, heart, and soul, and take the leap to discover worlds beyond!

This project is about looking away from your phone, into the galaxy, and that space-inspired cover art affirms this, and it is from here that the tracks trickle down, starting with the inviting opening track, “Countdown Sequence,” which prepares your mind as you start inhabiting another planet, gradually making your senses aware and prepared for the mystery, fascination, and glamour that are about to take center stage!

“1993” eases listeners into an emotional vibe thanks to that novel storytelling technique adopted by the guest artist, Big Zeus. The beat, laying the perfect foundation with its classic production, seamlessly fits the first-class delivery. This tune delves deep into a tumultuous childhood—growing up with a single mother and absentee father in a rough neighborhood.

The mother is trying her best, but as you can already tell, it’s not enough. The story depicts a son taking matters into his own hands, not having the proper guidance but simply motivated by the desire to change the situation back at home. This is a journey marked by a relentless work ethic, unwavering determination, hard work, failure, and getting up again. Not giving in to pressure, just working tirelessly in relentless pursuit of excellence.

“Sexy Dream (Silk Satin)” features a mellow, old-school R&B beat backed by soft, soulful, and sultry vocals by Flowerchile. This is the kind of music that calms your soul, soothes your heart, and uplifts your spirits. Through this intriguing and fascinating layer emerges a sad, resounding truth: they don’t make music like this anymore! This is the embodiment of catchy and timeless!

With “Venus,” both TG-18 and Ike deliver one of the most direct and hard-hitting songs on the album. This is an enticing concoction of thought-provoking bars, punchline-heavy flows and cadence, and dense, hypnotic production.

“Stargazer” transports you to another dimension, a place so close to the galaxy. Featuring a distinctive cinematic rhythm evoking a sense of mystery, fascination, and a never-ending thrill, this track weaves an enigmatic soundscape underscored by the reverberating drum line. To connect with TG-18, follow him on his official Instagram page.

With “U.T.I.C.A”, listening to each of the nine tracks is guaranteed to transport you to different realms, and even though each track has its own distinct flavor, they are all tied together by an evocative, sometimes trippy, and ambient mood and feel.

To stream this body of work, follow the attached link and let the tracks you dig the most boost your playlist.

To get up-close and personal with TG-18, follow him on his official Instagram page.

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