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Taking a good, harsh look at the absurdities and cruelties of everyday life, The Art of Deception captures the essence of self-acceptance with their newest release, “Mortal.”

Themes of pain, anguish, misery, chaos, destruction, acceptance, and more are captured through raw and honest lyrics over a burning concoction of raucous riffs, thumping drums, thrashing bass, and growling self-assured vocals. Pennsylvania-based metal band The Art of Deception captures the true energetic and chaotic spirit of metal and deathcore, backed by their unbridled passion for the music, unwavering commitment to artistic integrity, and determination to keep the sound moving no matter what.

Right now, the airwaves are vibrating to the sound and rhythm of The Art of Deception’s latest release, “Mortal,” which has a significant and deeply relatable theme at its core.

The delivery is unfaltering, characteristic of their musical personality and charm. The thunderous riffs, pounding drums, and epic bass licks provide an energetic backdrop for the lead singer, who breathes life with his near-death growls, immediately grabbing you by the hold and refusing to let go…not even after the track ends!

The lyrics are raw and melancholic, capturing someone battling their own evil thoughts of despair, loneliness, anxiety, nervousness, belonging, and the fear of becoming the very thing they have dreaded the most. Amidst this seemingly sad reflection is a hopeful message of self-acceptance: embrace your imperfections and make progress to better yourself, one step at a time.

“Mortal” is not all noise and energy. Deep inside, it lies a universal theme that any of us can relate to, as we have all experienced these kinds of feelings or are currently battling them. We try to come out of our own thoughts, feel lonely and rejected, and slowly transform into our biggest fears.

Already streaming on major platforms and accompanied by an eye-catching lyric video on YouTube, this masterpiece deserves your attention. Take some time to stream it, add it to your library, and recommend it to a friend or stranger.

For more information, check out The Art of Deception’s official website at The Art of Deception.


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