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New Jersey based Christian rock band The Finite Beings deliver an authentic and thoughtful performance with “Time Slave” off their EP “A Shell Of What Could Be”

With their new 5-track EP, “A Shell Of What Could Be”, New Jersey, USA Christian alternative rock band The Finite Beings invite the listener to enjoy the spirit-filled songs and experience depths of worship, fellowship, unstoppable testimonies, and victories. As a band with an unwavering determination and passion for craft, they know music is a powerful medium to communicate directly with people’s hearts. They are also convinced that God gave them their musical talents to serve. As such, they have been using their musical skills to spread the gospel and touch people’s hearts with their testimonies.

The song “Time Slave” features a stripped-back yet expressive and powerful production that allows the heartwarming vocal performance and the deeply thoughtful message behind the lyrics to thrive.

“Time Slave” is a song of reflection that embraces the feeling of the struggle for control over one’s destiny and fortunes. With its introspective lyrics and impeccable guitar picking dexterity, The Finite Beings invites the listener on a bittersweet exploration of blurry, dream-like memories, acknowledging the significance of time in our lives.

The lyrics reverberate with authenticity and vulnerability; The Finite Beings’ musical craftsmanship shining brightly as they effortlessly blend storytelling with creative instrumental finesse.

The emotive tone and flawless delivery underscore the weight of the message behind the lyrics, stamping an indelible imprint on the listener’s heart and soul.

The track’s gentle yet powerful production wraps around the lyrics like a warm embrace, allowing the message behind the words to resonate deeply with the listener.

The accompanying lyrics video, which complements this release, helps elevate the song’s meaning to new heights.

To feel the music and find your own relatability, follow the attached link, make sure you subscribe to The Finite Beings’ channel, like the song, add the music to your library, and share it with others.

“A Shell Of What Could Be” is now available for streaming on all the popular channels; for more information on The Finite Beings, visit their website at

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