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The Happy Curmudgeons touch the heart and warm the soul with their newest release, “Be Kind.”

Happy are those who listen to The Happy Curmudgeons’ music, for they have been experiencing what heaven feels like! A band that is inspired by the very idea of making good music with replay value always gives their all when in the studio to create music that you will not only listen to and be entertained by but that actually touches you on a personal and emotional level and makes you feel understood. By tapping into common human experiences, they are able to create music that feels like it could have been plucked from any chapter of anyone’s life, and that is what makes them special and a fan favorite. Just recently, the band was signed with the Spectra Music Group as they continue to soar to great heights and earn more international acclaim in the process.

With everything going on, the music world is looking forward to the release of their sophomore album, dubbed “2nd Chances” which is expected to drop any day from July 26, 2024. The Happy Curmudgeons have been giving a glimpse of what to expect with three releases from the album so far.

“Be Kind” is a heartfelt anthem that resonates deeply with its listeners. Featuring the emotive lead vocals of Dave Hamilton for two verses, followed by Jeff Warner and Amy Dixon-Lavery, this song underscores the importance of kindness in an often unkind world. Adding to its brilliance, Dave McMurray (courtesy of Blue Note Records) delivers an amazing saxophone performance. McMurray, who has played with legends like the Rolling Stones and Bobby Weir, is currently touring with Don Was & The Pan-Detroit Ensemble. Mark Byerly’s trumpet performance, particularly during the horn section bridge, adds another layer of excellence.

The awe-inspiring showmanship showcased in that acoustic guitar playing is what sets the tone for this track before the drums, bass, and striking saxophone are added, providing the perfect bed of support for the emotion-drenched vocals.

As the song progresses, it intensifies with the cinematic instrumental play, adding a dramatic thrill to the song and elevating it to new heights.

The lyrics are powerful and easily quotable, making “Be Kind” an engaging anthem that will stick in its listener’s head long after the final notes fade away.

Be Kind” is good music with replay value, and the powerful lyrics give it that universal appeal, as anyone can resonate with them.

With that said, how about you stream and add this jam to your playlist? For more information, check out the band’s official website,


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