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Texas-based alternative rock band The Last Heartbeats deliver memorable performances in their new “Sunsetter” EP

The Last Heartbeats are an alternative and indie rock band based out of North Texas who have been exploring the limitless sonic rock n roll rabbit holes in order to deliver that classically tapped sound with a tinge of foreign influences for a sound that appeals to broader demographics. In a musical world that has been permeated with trend-grabbing art and superficial lyricism, The Last Heartbeats have continued to walk their own path toward honest artistry and timeless songwriting, which is why you deserve to listen to them.

“Sunsetter” is The Last Heartbeats’ latest release, a 6-track EP that features the band’s signature classic style shining brilliantly throughout the impressively eclectic collection. Featuring incredible and unforgettable songwriting and excellent production that ultimately raises the bar further, many arrangements have the feel-rock sound of an arena-ready band with self-assured vocals, instrumental dexterity, and an unmistakable degree of passion driving things in the right direction.

“First Class” feels soulful and acts as a worthy example of The Last Heartbeats’ overall performance on this album; simple and striking in its anthemic color and groove, flanked by such thought-provoking observations as the lead vocalist paints vivid pictures with his words.

“Killer Inside” is simply neat music escorted by such a nice arrangement and a particular voice. Brimming with melody and bursting with sublime guitar virtuosity, this tune is a masterclass in guitar technique that blends an astounding sense of showmanship with awe-inspiring musicality.

“Afraid” features a melodic intro that is intimate and thoughtful and sets the tone for the track before it joins a ‘rocky’ highway that is brimming with irresistible riffs and pounding drums, ultimately exuding that foot-tapping retro vibe. This track is actually 5 minutes long, but it doesn’t feel like it; that is how you know it is a really great composition!

Songs like “Afraid” achieve a fine balance between the two extremes of pop and rock with devotion and heart at their core which is in brilliant contrast to a track like “She’s Not The One” whose dreamy, almost shoegaze exterior creates a real feeling of escapism as the delightfully charming guitars and drums cascade.

Overall, “Sunsetter” has a nostalgically vintage sound that takes everyone to a good place. The release has been wondrously woven and arranged with meticulous attention to detail, but most of all, it’s the fact that you can hear The Last Heartbeats’ love and passion for the craft throughout that really gives it so much life and genuine authenticity!

Follow the provided link in order to stream “Sunsetter” in its entirety and add the tracks you love most to your music library.

For more information regarding The Last Heartbeats and their music, follow them on their Instagram page.

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