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The certified emcee, The MC Type, elevates his game with the upcoming release of his jam “Full Life Crisis,” featuring Sage Francis.

Based in New Zealand, The MC Type is a versatile rapper and artist, masterfully blending different musical styles. His style, rich with humorous and satirical lyrics, reflects his witty and comic personality. For those who can’t appreciate humor, this music might be challenging, but for those who embrace a lighter approach to life, it’s a true soul tonic. While every other artist in the mainstream is doing the same thing, The MC Type went on to take another route, and guess what? He is still arriving at the destination early and claiming that first spot. Simply put, his music isn’t for the faint-hearted or those who can’t appreciate its dark, provocative humor.

The MC Type is about to unleash another masterclass when he releases his new single “Full Life Crisis” featuring Sage Francis. This is much more than just the music; these are instructions on how to ruin your life delivered with hard-hitting and humorous appeal.

The guitar melodies set a mellow tone for the song before the thumping, modern-flavored hip-hop beats are called upon, and they respond with dripping wonder, providing the perfect backdrop for The MC Type’s spotlight-stealing vocal performance.

His rhymes are satirical, humorous, and impactful, resonating deeply with every punchline he delivers. And just like the catchy and memorable chorus emphasizes; “This isn’t a mid-life crisis, its full-life crisis…”

“Full Life Crisis” is the kind of track you listen to over and over again, and it grows on you every damn time. The guest artist, Sage Francis, stands out with his memorable verses, adding a distinct sardonic flair to the track.

Rated 10/10, mark your calendar for April 20, 2024, to experience this masterpiece, and visit The MC Type’s website at to explore his music.


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