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California-based multitalented composer, songwriter, vocalist, and producer The Prototype Live serves up a cornucopia of melancholic emotions in “Right Now.”

The Prototype Live alias Ana Nda is more like a magnet of talents; she just effortlessly attracts anything with a creative art shade in it, which has seen her express herself in multiple dynamics. Based out of California, Ana is a self-taught vocalist, guitarist, pianist, and multi-instrumentalist. She is also a songwriter, producer, animator, and visual artist, (I know, she is just unbelievable!). Music and creative art have always been her creative outlets; she has a penchant for conveying her emotions melodically and lyrically, and also in a way that any listener can relate to.

Facing so many emotions marred with sadness, pain, tension, and anxiety, The Prototype Live wanted to transform all these emotions into melodies in a way that they would mirror every bit of feeling, and she found a way to manipulate melodies to nail every bit of emotion that had inundated her. That is how the emotionally moving piece “Right Now (I Don’t Wanna Live That Way)” was born.

This track is not your average tune in so many ways. You just have to let it in and open yourself to the direction of the melodies as Ana tries to communicate to you her sad and painful thoughts in a way that is everything but simple. The gist of the whole composition actually rests in its somewhat sophisticated features and that is what I loved about it (also, I have a thing for solving mysteries!)

The vocals are there, but not in the way you’d expect in your typical sound. There have been layered systematically and in subtle audibility. This is very effective to drive the emotions of the track and also not overwhelm the impact of the different melodies created from the blend of the guitar, the bass, drums, and even the horn elements such as the cello and violin. What you get is a skillfully programmed soundscape that just wants you to move with the emotions!

There aren’t enough words to describe such an art of beauty; you just have to listen through and let the melodies sink in. At the end of your listening experience, you will know what it is that you are feeling!

To enjoy “Right Now (I Don’t Wanna Live That Way),”  follow the attached link, subscribe to The Prototype Live’s YouTube channel, and share this masterpiece with others!

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