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Norwegian artist The Ruben delivers a soul-stirring performance in his latest single, “A Friend”

Bringing you an eclectic spectrum of tantalizing soundscapes for your own listening pleasure is Norway-based singer-songwriter The Ruben. He has been on a journey to push the limits of sound design while maintaining tangible subject matter through his compositions. Influenced heavily by pop and electronic music, this versatile artist aims to bring you the same feel of melodic thrill and gratification you experienced during the early 2000s and now, even in genres that fall outside of his comfort zone. Through silky vocals, dense beats, and insightful lyrics, The Ruben is generating a commanding presence in music. With his positive and professional mindset, he has already earned an outstanding reputation for himself in his quest to redefine the industry at large.

He returns with a heart-touching and profoundly personal single dubbed “A Friend”- a raw masterpiece inspired by personal triumphs he was going through at the time and transformed into these melodies with universal appeal.

About a year ago, The Ruben was diagnosed with PTSD, and it was one of those phases in his life that funny enough allowed him to reflect on his life and just be there for himself, listen to himself, and ultimately embrace the ‘friend’ in him. It was a somewhat healing process that worked wonders for him.

“A Friend” is thus a self-empowering anthem for anyone caught up in some dark mental alley and not knowing how to navigate. Through his own story, he wants anyone grappling with familiar feelings to find solace and look closer to home, because that is where the solution may lie.

The gentle guitar tones lay the foundation, backed by The Ruben’s velvety, emotion-drenched, and exceedingly expressive vocals. The song is allowed to build gradually and slowly until around the 47-second mark, where the deep, dense, and upbeat instrumentals are unleashed, creating an immersive atmosphere!

Even with this vibrant concoction, The Ruben’s effortlessly powerful vocals breathe life as he exudes such passion and purpose with his singing, getting at the heart of the song graciously.

Towards the end, the song reverts to that soulfully charming guitar-flavored foundation, rounding out the sincere nature of the song!

Already streaming on all the popular channels, here is your chance to experience something heartfelt and with instant appeal!


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