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Pushing and breaking boundaries, acclaimed hip-hop duo The Unusuals demonstrate artistic brilliance with “My Name,” featuring Tiffany Wilson and Theory Hazit

Show me a hip-hop duo that evokes that wave of true defiance and uncompromising authenticity like The Unusuals…I’ll wait! Made up of Xperience and Ninjaface, this is no ordinary duo, and the music they have been authenticating highlights this uncontested truth. Leveraging over two decades of experience in the music industry, The Unusuals bring Ninjaface’s sharp-witted lyricism and masterful flows to life. This synergizes seamlessly with Xperience’s unwavering conviction, embodying the core essence of The Unusuals.…so when you listen to their works, you don’t know exactly what hits you where, but you are hit all the same!

Speaking of impact, The Unusuals’ latest masterpiece “My Name” resonates deeply with the listener. This affirmative masterpiece explores through its lyrics, the strength derived from a power greater than ourselves—a divine entity.

Set to a nostalgic beat, it is the beautifully haunting voice of guest artist Tiffany Wilson that gets things going as she embellishes the tune with her mellifluous, soulful, and raw voice, delivering that infectious chorus that is guaranteed to remain ingrained in a listener’s mind long after the track is no more.

s expected from artists of The Unusuals’ caliber, the duo does not disappoint, delivering thought-provoking, punchline-heavy verses and smart wordplays over the nostalgic beat, trading bars with finesse, and ensuring a listener is fed satisfactorily and in a way that will have them coming back for more.

The stunning lyric video accompanying this masterpiece is such a great addition as it allows the viewer that VIP treatment to listen to their favorite anthem as they relate to the floating rhymes and hooks in a manner that makes them feel invited to sing and rap along!

This level of quality is what we have come to expect from The Unusuals, who have reached the peak of their creative prowess and continue to deliver back-to-back hits. “My Name” is a huge testament to their ironclad reputation and relentless work ethic; long may it continue!

To catch the vibe in “My Name”, follow the attached link, make sure you subscribe to The Unusuals’ YouTube channel, give it a thumbs up, and let this track find its way into your stunning music catalog!

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