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Marking a significant milestone in his budding career, New York-based rapper The6Kid’s debut album “Unmanageability” is undoubtedly worthy of fanfare.

The art of emceeing is hugely underrated in hip-hop and rap. While many hip-hop artists claim to have the power to rap, very few really manage to stand out in a crowded room with their lyricism. Sometimes it’s just the knack for freestyling or telling a story through music. Striking this efficient balance is a field reserved for the very few. This is where The6Kid comes in. His efficiency and proficiency in rap music have been marked by a journey of growth, discovery, and constant evolution. The artist he is today has been a result of day-to-day growth, putting in the work, honing his craft, and taking cues from some of the best artists before him. He now blends his experience as he grows, the lessons he has learned from his luminaries, and his own incredible gift to create music that transcends mere rap appeal. Simply put, he has what it takes to excel and make a name for himself in this competitive industry.

The6Kid is celebrating a milestone in his budding career with the release of his debut album “Unmanageability,” taking listeners on a journey with tracks that ooze raw talent, charisma, and emotional depth. Let’s decipher some of the music.

The gist of the opener “Feel Like” rests in its simple and catchy feel, with the tune’s title making up the repetitive hooks that are guaranteed to take up residence in the mind of a listener long after the final notes fade away. The6Kid showcases incredible penmanship over the captivating beat, effortlessly walking on it with distinct swagger and unmistakable vocals ideal for this style. His lyrical wit is on full display, and the guest femcee adds thrill to a masterpiece that has an undeniable dramatic flair.

The6Kid’s refreshing performance on “Nerves” is guaranteed to impress. The hard-hitting beat here provides a delightful backdrop for his commanding vocals as he moonwalks over this beat, his verses a seamless blend of masterful flows and thought-provoking wordplay. The catchy, repeated hooks make this a sing-along anthem that engages listeners.

“Hickies on my neck” tells the story of The6Kid’s promiscuous ways and has this underground feel that ingratiates itself effortlessly with a listener. The beat leaves a lasting impression, and the higher the volume, the better it feels. Its cinematic feel adds to its irresistible appeal, and the matchless pen game The6Kid showcases here leaves a lasting imprint on the heart and soul of the listener.

The mellow guitar melodies in “Higher Power” set a cathartic tone for the jam, and as the song progresses, the way the guitar melodies blend efficiently with the rhythmically driven hip-hop beat creates this danceable feel around the song as The6Kid delivers in sing-song technique, blurring the lines between rapping and singing with masterful finesse. There is a way this jam exudes a cordial listening experience that cannot be denied.

“Seen it Before” is another bona fide stunner as The6Kid displays amazing lyrical self-assurance to make a listener feel as if they are right there besides him as the story unfolds. His delivery exemplifies emceeing at its finest as the song’s beat unfolds with sizzling impact.

Another special tune is “Run In Place” that features an enchanting pop structure. Captivating female vocals set the tone before The6Kid’s arresting vocals float over the synthetic pop beats. This jam is a huge testament to the versatility of The6Kid, as he showcases such effortless flair to fit in a different sound and feel right at home.

With that said, how about you dig your teeth into this sonic tour de force in its entirety and let us know what you think about The6Kid.

With my chest open and without fear of contradiction, I can confidently say that “Unmanageability” is an 8/10 project!


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