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Florida-based singer/songwriter TheLxveMovie1080p’s unplugged/live version of “CRASH” is a thing of near perfection

TheLxveMovie1080p - CRASH

The stage name TheLxveMovie1080p isn’t the only unique thing about him; this multitalented singer-songwriter, filmmaker, and fashion designer has also cultivated a unique and eccentric style of music that mirrors his real life. His music is like an open book; what you see is really what you get. Over time, this ingenious artist has developed a penchant for writing infectious tunes and relatable narratives within the realms of R&B. As an avid storyteller, TheLxveMovie1080p is greatly influenced by real-life events, drawing inspiration for his music from personal experiences about love and heartbreak that allow him to invoke strong emotions in his listeners.

Just recently, he launched his debut EP dubbed “CRASH”—a sensational piece brimming with well-crafted and infectious R&B melodies that are deeply resonant and echo the rollercoaster of relationships—from love to heartbreak to healing and back to love again!

TheLxveMovie1080p decided to engineer an unplugged/live version of the same EP, which features some laid-back, stripped-back guitar melodies with the focus on his powerful vocal delivery as he serenades a listener with his pure and golden R&B-infused vocals.

TheLxveMovie1080p takes a listener through a plethora of emotions, all inspired by love and heartbreak, with his emotion-drenched vocals over the mellow, thoughtfully hit guitar strings that offer solid support for his voice to flourish.

What you get in return is a heartfelt performance that is baked in raw emotions and flanked by a sweet-sounding vocal presentation that is equal parts cognac and velvet. Ultimately, “CRASH” is a demonstration of virtuosic songwriting and passionate performance to fashion something that is subtly soulful and equally heartwarming.

The best thing about this live performance is that you understand and relate to the lyrics in your own way, and his voice…his voice is just too good to ignore—the rare and mellifluous kind that gives you an eargasm every single time!

To listen to this 3-piece unplugged version, follow the attached link and let these performances make their way into your playlist.

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