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International R&B band THREE returns with an epic EP dubbed “And Then There Were Three”- a showcase of their limitless versatility and creativity as songwriters, performers, and artists.

Anyone lamenting the presumed death of R&B most probably hasn’t had the chance to meet THREE- a sensational 3-piece band coming through with a tried and tested sound within the realms of authentic R&B. This musical group goes beyond typical male vocalists. They possess unique, multi-colored voices that blend harmoniously, creating a sound that is as much felt as it is heard. The band sings and writes from a place of tenderness, vulnerability, and strength, which infuses their music with that personal touch. With R&B as their musical foundation, the three-piece has showcased an innate competency to effortlessly move through different sounds while remaining themselves and at home in them all—one of the many unique reasons they deserve to be an essential choice for your daily listening pleasure.

They are back, and this time they have concocted a 5-track collection dubbed “And Then There Were Three”- an EP that sees the group stretch the limits of their own imagination to genre-defying results. This collection is also a stunning highlight to the band’s limitless versatility and creativity as storytellers, performers, and vocalists. You’re likely to love the great vibes and music this EP exudes.

“Three -Vibes” is nostalgic, inviting, and warm. Right from the get-go, the song allures you with its powerfully expressive production, wrapping around you like a warm embrace. This is a seamless blend of old-school and contemporary, and the end result is something that captivates way beyond the five senses. The vocals are simply perfection. I love how everyone contributes their vocal prowess to create a rich and ear-wormingly harmonious sound. The female guest vocalist spans rapping and singing, elevating this jam to new heights. This track, ideal for romantic settings, is best enjoyed at full volume.

“Three – Privacy” has ethereal, subtly vast soundscapes that create an atmospheric presence that envelopes a listener in a haunting embrace, backed by the gentle yet powerful vocals that exude such a crystal clear range. Three showcases such passion and heart with their performance. This track has a futuristic vibe with signature old-school twists, and it rivals what you typically hear on the radio. I cannot stress enough how the vocals feel like honey.

“Three – Party” lives up to its title in the most epic of ways. The beats punch with an irresistible and uncontainable energy. This is such a banging blend of R&B and hip-hop soundscapes, making it the best jam to lose yourself to in a club as you move like no one’s watching. The sweet-sounding vocals glide over the high-energy beats, breathing anthemic life to this bona fide club banger. This anthem is perfect for anyone who loves to feel empowered and confident.

“Three – Missing You” sees the band resort to their signature soulful ballads with such soul-stirring impact. The guitar intro sets such a laid-back tone for this jam, providing a bed of support for the scene-stealing vocals that blend with smooth and heartwarming intrigue. This is such a soul-stirring and heartfelt performance that tugs at a listener’s heartstrings as the stripped-back production allows the vocal strengths of the band to thrive. If sharing music is your way of expressing affection, this song is a perfect choice to share with that special someone.

The last song, “B.E.D” is a bedroom anthem in every facet and one that will still linger in the heart long after the final notes fade away. Why? – Because of that catchy and unforgettable chorus that is the capstone of the song, the splendid instrumentation and the vocal prowess unleashed by the band, This is good music in the truest sense of the word!

There you go, folks. “And Then There Were Three” features the soundtracks to our lives: THREE couldn’t have given us any better performance than this. Kudos to them for making authentic R&B music that makes you fall in love with the sound even more!


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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