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Texas-Based Hip-Hop Artist Thuggizzle Displays His Freestyle Knack With “Get Cha Hustle Up”

Donning the moniker Thuggizzle, Phillip Hodge is many things, from artist to business owner and community activist, serving all his titles with the utmost dignity and grace as he seeks to inspire everyone he meets that they too can achieve greatness. Having grown up in shelters and group homes, owning one of the most successful business ventures in Texas might have once seemed like a far-fetched dream, but this is now his reality; he is the owner of Thuggizzle Appalachian Mountain Spring Water, which has over 200 stores in Texas and is expanding on a daily basis.

As an artist, Thuggizzle doesn’t rely on written lyrics. As soon as he steps into the booth, he draws inspiration and crafts remarkable lyrics on the spot.

And that’s exactly what happens with his single “Get Cha Hustle Up” which sees Thuggizzle demonstrate his freestyle wit and unique cadences in a manner that appeals to any hip-hop and rap music aficionado.

He is swift and effortless, unleashing spontaneous and thought-provoking rhymes in a rhythmically mesmerizing fashion.

The track kicks off with an infectious hook, followed by Thuggizzle’s gritty, spontaneous rhymes, maintaining the flow of the music throughout.

His delivery here is an inspiration and an ode to the everyday grind and hustle to pursue excellence and turn dreams into reality.

He is masterful and provocative, offering wise perspectives and explicit bars in equal measure, and that is what makes this record exciting.

Through the nonprofit organization Thuggizzle Cares Inc., Thuggizzle gives back to his community and helps uplift those in need.

In terms of his water business, Thuggizzle plans to further expand within Texas, targeting especially Hyatt locations in the state. The 50K Recycle Challenge in San Antonio, Texas, spearheaded by Thuggizzle Cares Inc., is currently underway.

To listen to “Get Cha Hustle Up”, follow the attached link, subscribe to Thuggizzle’s YouTube channel, like the release, add it to your playlist, and spread the word.

To get up-close and personal with Thuggizzle, follow him on Instagram.

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