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Australia-based Nigerian artist Tinyvix’s latest single, “Omoge” grooves through the beats of Afrobeats.

Currently based in Canberra, the capital of Australia, Tinyvix is renowned for his captivating, genre-defying compositions that resonate with depth and authenticity. His artistic ingenuity allows him to span various musical fronts where he is comfortable and at home in all of them. Whether he is delivering pulsating Afrobeats tunes, rapping over rhythms, or just flexing his R&B muscles, his musical endeavors shine in their diversity and charm. This is evident in his profoundly touching and breathtaking new single, “Omoge” – an ear-catching masterpiece that touches on deep affection and appreciation for someone who has got you smitten.

The tune unfurls with a lively, upbeat, and catchy melody that immediately holds you captive and refuses to let go. The track’s infectious rhythm appeals to all, whether a seasoned dancer or not, compelling even the most reluctant to move.

On the mic, Tinyvix’s smooth voice seamlessly blends with the catchy instrumentals and drums that define this danceable jam, emotively sliding over this blissful creation and giving it this beautiful life.

In the harmonic fusion of musical excellence, this song embodies the power of music to capture raw emotions, eloquently expressing strong, heartfelt, and profoundly touching feelings.

This track is a total banger, showcasing Tinyvix’s versatile gifts as an Afro-fusion music star who is comfortable and at home in a variety of musical styles, making him an essential choice for your daily playlist.

To paint a clearer picture of this song’s impact, within a short span of time since its release, it has already amassed over 249K streams on Spotify alone.

Tinyvix really unleashed an upbeat, untamed beast of Afrobeats that’ll grab your soul and refuse to let go. This track transcends the ordinary as Tinyvix’s luscious vocals smoothly weave with the lively beat, hitting you like a freight train!

No further convincing is needed to recognize this track as ear candy deserving of a spot on your playlist.


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