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New York-Based Multi-Faceted Recording Artist, Torxtto, Comes Through With the Single, “All Night Long”- The 1ST off of His Upcoming EP, “Xscape”

Torxtto All Night Long

Torxtto is a multi-genre music producer and songwriter from New York who possesses dynamic creativity that is fueled by his insatiable passion in musical improvisation and technology. It is from these coexisting passions that he has been able to formulate a distinct sound and impressive production catalog teeming with a variety of Hip-hop, R&B, pop, Reggaeton, and EDM tracks. Starting as early as 17 years of age, he has been honing his skills and his production mirror that experience and expertise that puts him on the top list of genuinely promising industry titans.

He has an upcoming EP dubbed, “Xscape” and everything is reflected from the title- it will offer you a deeply resonant and relatable universe as a form of escapism from life’s complications, heartbreak, anguish, and self-sabotaging insecurities that we sometimes harbor! To get us on this reimagined eclectic journey is the first single off of the album, “All Night Long”- a deeply eccentric and flavored tune that is a straight hit from the word go.

The prodigious production is reflected right from the word go in what is a hypnotizing splendor with the way the sparkling piano keys endear themselves to the listener and are followed right through by splendidly harmonious vocals that utilize in themselves a kind of euphonious implant to fit in with the warm melodies. The coruscating synths that bounce off one another follow and this triple blend is nothing short of fascinating!

Around the 1 minute mark, this tune takes a decorated turn with the melodically transcending beats taking the form of an EDM sonic sphere and you will be absolutely prepared for it as you take to the dance floor, dancing with reckless abandon like the whole world belongs to you. The enticing soul-stirring vocals continue haunting all the way as he easily turns this into something of a catchy anthem with the easily memorable phrases.

For the hopeless romantic who are still holding on despite the signs leading to lost love, this is the tune to drown your memories in as the words therapeutically heal your wounded heart in miraculous ways!

This single is a huge testament to the exquisite magnificence we can expect when he finally drops the EP. So hang in there and be ready to be thoroughly moved!

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