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New York-based house music producer and DJ Travis Brown marks his comeback with the epic banger, “Everything You Promised.”

With a penchant for intricate rhythms, ground-shaking bass, and deep-driving melodies, Travis Brown is a virtuoso house music producer and DJ from Long Island, New York. His music ignites and captivates beyond just the five senses while fueling adrenaline. His beats—a harmonious and deep-driving fusion of innovation and rhythm—captivate from the very first note. The heart of Brown’s compositions lies in his intricate layering—a symphony of dynamic basslines, precise and straight-to-the-point percussion, and entrancing melodies seamlessly interlaced. The end result is something irresistible, no matter how hard you try to contain yourself.

After grappling with feelings of inadequacy for close to a year and a half, Travis is back to what made him who he is, his first love, and the one thing that has always made life worth living: music—and what a way to reintroduce himself with the progressive tour de force, “Everything You Promised.”

From the outset, the impressive blend of rhythm and melody captivates the listener, demanding investment. The beats resonate with irresistible energy, each note and each rhythm meticulously placed to pulse in tandem with the listener’s heartbeat.

The enchanting female vocals breathe life into the music, accentuating the vulnerability of the depicted emotions.

The deep-driving melodies, ground-shaking bass lines, and intricate percussion have been weaved with such punctilious attention to detail, reflecting the skills and panache of someone who has been doing this long enough and has developed that knack and ear for unique and refreshingly innovative beats.

This is sound design done right and music that is inspiring, empowering, and entertaining to get you dancing on your feet all night long!

The synergy of the electronic elements and pulsating rhythms amplifies the sensory experience, encapsulating determination, strength, and courage from Travis to go back to what he loved doing the most before self-doubt started inundating him!

Experience this magical tune by following the link below and adding it to your playlist—it’s worth every second.


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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