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Top-Rated Lyricist Trent G Set to Officially Release His “2PM in Fort Mitchell” on 17th of March 2023

Trent G is a rapidly rising lyricist who is known for his ability to draw insightful and thought-provoking parallels between different lifestyles and human emotions. It is clear from his street-glamorous style of delivery that he is deeply connected to his roots, and that is what places him slightly ahead of his peers, who are no match when it comes to going head-to-head. He has always been more alive to the needs of rap music, and that is why he goes above and beyond to make sure that he delivers quality, original hip-hop in a way that true hip-hop faithful can dig. With a work ethic to match and self-inspired confidence that you can only earn, it is only right that we recognize his OG status.

On the 17th of March 2023, something huge will be dropping: the remix to “2 pm in Fort Mitchell” will officially be available for streaming on all your favorite digital platforms. As someone who has had a first encounter with this masterpiece, I can guarantee you that it is definitely worth the wait!.

The level of deliverability here is insanely smooth, and those beats are hypnotic, to say the least. The signature spark of the hi-hats and the bouncing drill of synths all come together, backed by the rickety snares, the high-end 808s, pounding basslines, and drums to fashion a sound tailor-made for the streets!

I love how Trent G and his producer were able to honor the authentic roots of rap by giving the melodies a certain, uniquely familiar vibe that kids who grew up in the old school ear will be able to identify with.

On the mic, Trent G is his usual masterful, provocative, and smart as he drops some razor-sharp punchlines all about a typical evening in Fort Mitchell. His calm and composed demeanor and the effortless manner in which he is able to harmonize melodies around his first-class lyrical delivery are the reasons this seemingly unstoppable lyricist is on a meteoric rise to the top of Alabama rap.

Mark March 17th on your calendars and follow Trent G everywhere because he is the future of rap music!

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