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American hip-hop/R&B singer-songwriter, Treyone, comes through with a heartfelt lyrical expression in his new single, “Wish/Want It.”

As someone who was brought up in a musical family, it is unsurprising that Treyone would naturally gravitate toward this craft. His music is an invitation to experience oneself to the fullest; it’s a journey of self-discovery and emotional exploration that ranges from literal to symbolic. His passion for music also extends beyond his artistry; he is an artist who digs the power of music to connect people. Treyone’s music provides listeners with a sense of connection and comfort, regardless of their personal circumstances.

Marked by an extraordinary level of thought and attention to detail, Treyone’s new single “Wish/Want It” is deeply personal, raw, and authentic. This track has the potential to connect with listeners on a deeper level than most mainstream music.

The beat is laid-back and hypnotic, with Treyone delivering some thought-provoking rhymes in his signature stripped-back poetic delivery, unleashing masterful flows and wise perspectives from the deepest part of his heart and soul.

Listeners can sense Treyone’s love and passion for his craft through his heartfelt, thoughtful, and emotional delivery, which lends the track genuine tonality and immediacy.

While there are artists who integrate exciting narratives in their songs, very few blend their stories with such poignancy, profundity, and heartfelt conviction quite the way Treyone does in this masterpiece to make it so intriguing and addicting.

This is such a conscious-level delivery that features a compelling narrative and has been backed by excellent production and scholarly rhymes from an artist who appears poised for superstardom if he continues on this promising path.

“Wish/Want It” is a track that proves that hip-hop is more than just music. It’s a form of storytelling. This track is a true work of art. The composition is masterful, and each note feels like a brushstroke on a musical canvas…absolutely mesmerizing!

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