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Celebrating the Beautiful Souls That Are Us; Tribe of Djembe Has a New Powerful Jam Dubbed “Soul Sister”

Tribe of Djembe Soul Sister

Tribe of Djembe tells the stories that the world has chosen to ignore; this Brooklyn musical collective digs deep into the hardest core of cultural and spiritual diversity and brings to you exclusive music that honors all the facets of our vast society that you didn’t know existed. They are all about inclusivity where everyone feels appreciated and as they belong somewhere and that is what makes them unique and titans not only of the art industry but also of character and decency. By scouting for some of the best talents worldwide, they are able to bless the world with a monumental palette of artistry and give us a chance to appreciate dynamism and versatility.

They remind us every day not to hide our big beautiful smiles and to wear our cultural diversity and roots with pride as we showcase more of our primal heroism that resides deep within us and which, with enough motivation is enough to astonish a mammoth universe as the one we inhabit. They are back with a tune that celebrates all the natural beauties and elegant men and women who enjoy life as it comes; the little trips to sunshine, the star counting, the walk in the park, dancing under the glowing sensation of the bright moon and the celebration of the mighty bliss that envelop as humans. The tune is titled, “Soul Sister”

Like in every music video they put out there, this is no different and features expertly blended raw images from the events and adventures they have held in various places. What is synonymous in all of them is that the people are happy, smiling with their moods uplifted and their spirits elevated. They love being there and most importantly they love who they are. If you decide to live this life, you damn make sure you live it well!

The soulful singing with some refined and soft vocals backed by the warm and lush melodies is why a listener will listen to this tune more than once as you savor the flamboyance and artistic extravagance that is striking and makes you want to get up and dance. This is artistry in its pure and glorious form and while it’s the best behavior to give people their roses while they still can smell them- Tribe of Djembe really are a rare breed that is transforming the world in their own altruistic ways!

Follow the attached link; subscribe to the YouTube channel, watch this music video, like it, leave a comment below and start living more!

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