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Multitalented Video Director Trigg the Ruler Has His Sights Set on Starting His Own Record Label.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Syracuse, New York, Trigg the Ruler is a tour-de-force in the creative arts, a veritable jack-of-all-trades who has dabbled in various disciplines with undeniable gusto. As a music video director, marketer, graphic designer, and manager, Trigg the Ruler’s innate talents have found a home in each role he undertakes.

Tracing the journey of this multi-faceted artist takes us back a decade, to a humble bedroom where it all began. Trigg’s initial foray into the arts saw him gracing the mic as a rapper, a stepping stone that would eventually lead him to discover his true calling in music video directing. Today, Trigg the Ruler is not only making waves behind the camera, but also catapulting the careers of talented musicians.

His keen eye and creative vision have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by his collaboration with Polo G’s recent signee, the up-and-coming phenom Scorey.

One thing about Trigg the Ruler, he is always looking for opportunities to expand and do more when it comes to offering his services in the saturated music landscape. He is always searching for an opening and a market gap, refusing to stand still, and that is what has gotten him this far…even now as a much-revered videographer, he still feels he can do more…he can offer more—and that is why he wants to create his own record label.

And from someone who made it off Syracuse and is doing big things, this is not a farfetched dream; it’s quite the opposite, this is attainable and feasible. With someone who has showcased such grit and determination and a work ethic to match, he is laying down the process in the hope of creating an empire that will outlive him and go on to fashion a generational legacy.

Trigg the Ruler feels that the music industry has been overtaken by greed and numbers and they have forgotten all about artist development- the music industry today prioritizes profit over people and he wants to change the status quo- this is him wanting to do good on behalf of all the insanely gifted artists who are not given a chance because they do not have the means to voice their talents…he wants to create the means for him.

Every major achievement only started with a thought, a dream perhaps and Trigg the Ruler is on his way to realizing his dream…with one artist, Lee Kindacut, already under his wing, the empire is well on its feet and ready to fly!

To watch out his work as a video director, follow him on Instagram and let his works inspire you as much as they entertain you!

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