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New York Based Indie Artist Trish Discord Set to Officially Release Her New Album “The Aftermath of 2016” on All Platforms on June 17th

Trish Discord The Aftermath of 2016

The music world is about to be treated to a musical journey that leaves no emotions behind; detailed, deep, and powerful, and this incoming month couldn’t feel so much further away! Trish Discord is an upcoming independent artist who hails from Queens, New York. Her dynamic sound is highly recommended to any listener having love and that burning passion for alternative rock mixed and mastered stupendously and added some flavorful dimensions of the traditional rock, contemporary pop, and other Brooklyn-inspired sonic spheres!

Her songwriting is heavily inspired by the Brooklyn music scene and her style of singing and performance has often been compared to Evanescence and The Cranberries. She hosts weekly shows on her Instagram channel so as connect more intimately with her fans and has also been a guest performer on Indie Star Radio and Pistacio Argentina. She also possesses two degrees in psychology which has also influenced and shaped her style of music which include more mental health-related issues to offer solace for those who are going through mental health challenges.

She seeks to impact positively even if it is just a single soul going through this mental turmoil and by singing relatable music, she endears herself to many listeners with her music touching on the deep surfaces of their hearts and souls and that is exactly what her next album “The Aftermath of 2016” is going to be all about; her own detailed expedition and challenges including the physical and emotional ones right from the period of political distress in the UK and US, to her own personal relationships and a plethora of personal storms along the way for a listener to find consolation and her voice like an angel, offer comfort through the equally heartwarming instrumentation!

This new album is going to be out on all the streaming platforms as of June the 17th and I for once can’t keep calm. The sheer level of musicianship on display is absolutely remarkable. A listener is going to be treated to some genre-defying songs that are deeply relatable with meaningful messages. “Strife” for example is one of those special and warm tunes that speak directly to a listener’s heart. It feels ageless and her voice taking on many emotions in what is a stunning moment of vocal ability, takes a listener through her own journey series with some accompanying guitars and drums played with virtuosity and undeniable adroitness. Couldn’t think of a better song to heal your soul!

“Desire” is burning with passion and will leave you demanding more. The cinematic heavy start that is Hollywood-like is a moment for the big screen and the story that emanates from it is appropriate and takes you to the cinema. And if you love guitar play as I do, then you are in for a treat at certain moments of the tune where everything lets loose and you get treated to guitar aptitude and dexterity. Her voice caresses the empty spaces of the heart in only ways she alone can and it is nothing short of magical!

“23” counts as one of those songs that you can’t get off of your mind no matter how many others you listen to it still comes back and haunts you demanding a repeated listen and you have to oblige. Her hauntingly familiar voice added to that alluring melody is what leaves a listener helpless and gasping for air!

There is a lot of power and impact in tracks like; “Red Sun”, “This is the End”, “In Another Life”, “Take Me Away”, “I can’t wait to Forget You” and others that make up the album. June 17th should always be set as a reminder and you can do one better by pre-saving the album- let’s go!

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