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Troy Bennett’s Graveyard Lips’ debut full-length album, “(Bare)Ly Existing,” has arrived and it’s a beautiful work of art.

A record birthed from his heart and soul, “(Bare)Ly Existing” represents the pursuit of life; wins and losses, and how to navigate through everything. Furthermore, it embodies the pursuit of authenticity, celebrating multifaceted identities that defy confinement within a single box. It’s rooted in the hard-fought pursuit of truly shining from that place of discovery and authenticity. This project represents Troy Bennett’s Graveyard Lips’ genuine artistry, his growth, and the need to be the voice for those who are afraid to tell their story or those who can relate to the message that he puts through in this project.

This music is about the journey of life itself, searching for that inner peace of mind, body, and soul—the interconnections of everything in the entirety of creation, synchronicities, and other mystical phenomena. This is a soulful and deeply sentimental experience, breaching genre boundaries and enhancing every moment with inspiring wonders of awareness while uplifting the spirit and providing solace for the listener.

The album’s opening track, “Dr(O)Ne-“, presents a cinematic appeal, featuring electronic sound manipulations, orchestral arrangements, and haunting vocals that set the stage for the forthcoming musical journey.

“Pale Room” features a stunning guitar intro that sets the tone for the song. Troy then infuses his pure, gentle, and powerful vocals over the mesmerizing blend of drums, electric guitar, and bass, giving the song a melodic rock edge.

“Root(ing for You)” is another emotion-fueled raw masterpiece that features a mellow guitar arrangement backed by Troy’s emotion-drenched vocals with lyrics that explore a father’s feelings towards their children.

“Leap Year” is a heartfelt exploration of emotion through sound; catchy and groovy with soulful vocals and dreamy guitars, it transports the listener to a nostalgic, retro atmosphere. This track serves as a reminder that brighter days are ahead, reinforcing the notion that no matter how bleak things may seem, nothing lasts forever.

“Longing Vestiges” is another enchanting tune with Troy taking the listener through melodies and emotions. With a velvety and soulful voice, he captures the essence of his musicality, weaving tales of self-discovery and triumph.

This collection, drawing from genuine human experiences and emotions, offers abundant substance for any music enthusiast to appreciate.

To savor the album in its entirety, follow the attached link and don’t forget to share the project with others.

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