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Canada-based producer and songwriter Turtle is set to release another certified smash single dubbed “My Moon” featuring The Galaxy Council

You are definitely bound to fall for its aura; inescapable, dangerously sexy, exquisitely performed, lovingly arranged, and proficiently produced, “My Moon” is just the perfect blend of transcending pop and rap with a nostalgic twist! At this point, it is not really surprising what one producer, Turtle, can do—we are still yet to get over “Galactic Queen,” and he, with a marvelously nonchalant attitude, has decided we can do with yet another hypnotic anthem set to release on January 20th…bless him for that!

With one foot in the mainstream and the other in the avant-garde, Turtle mashes the worlds of pop and hip-hop into one big pot, and it works magically! This is just sound design at its best, and what other prose to collaborate with than the strikingly talented The Galaxy Council who did wonders on the other jam, “Galactic Queen”.

If there is one thing that this banger highlights, it is the figurehead qualities of Turtle and his forte for mixing different sounds to come up with one elegant body of work. Like always, “My Moon” glimpses into the past with the 80s-inspired pop melodicism while also stepping into the future with its evocative futuristic flair; this is something that will still bang a decade from now!

Tell you what, I think it’s just right to label Turtle as the Emperor of Sound because he is turning out to be the musical mastermind behind some of the most memorable hits of our time. Like in “My Moon,” his indelible imprint has been stamped on countless recordings, crediting him as one of the most iconic producers in the past decade.

I have a feeling that “My Moon” will really take over the radio and get people talking everywhere; it deserves all the praise it’s about to get.

As of now, we just have to let the clock run down as we count the days leading to January 20, 2023, and if it’s any consolation, just know that the wait will be worth it!

“Moon” is now available for pre-save; follow the attached link so as to put yourself in an advantageous position when the track finally drops- this is not one to miss!

pre save

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