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Turtle and The Galaxy Council Unveil Their Final Single, ‘Look Up,’ Delivering a hypnotic Experience

When you gaze at the heavens, it seems as if they’re smiling, with dancing clouds and a jubilant atmosphere, perhaps echoing the last dance between Canadian-based musical maestro Turtle and all members of the Galaxy Council as they reunite one last time with a total banger dubbed “Look Up”. And as they deliver such an incredibly hypnotic, addicting, and enthralling piece of magic, listeners can’t help but experience contrasting emotions of joy and sorrow. The indestructible chemistry that these musical stars developed—everything they touched together turned into gold—and they have been responsible for lighting up our hearts as much as our dance floors with their top-notch productions that transcend music itself; it’s the power behind it and the impact it exudes that remains unmatched even now.

For their last release, they opted for something that is nostalgic all right, emotive with a subtle melancholic feel and strong familiar emotions backed by such a powerful production that wraps around the lyrics like a warm embrace.

The signature synths permeate the melodic arrangement backed by intricate instrumentation that has been stupendously woven together, creating a captivating backdrop that attractively complements both the rap and sung vocals.

This is first-class production and execution on show here; the striking synths, the retro aesthetic, the cutting-edge rapping, and the powerful singing ensure that this is a bona fide masterpiece that cannot be denied by its listeners.

And since given that Turtle and the Galaxy Council were set to release their final collaboration, I figured it would be something emotive, addicting, nostalgic, and unforgettable; “Look Up” is exactly that and so much more!

What a climax to what has been an incomparable collaboration within the realms of electronic synth pop, hip hop, rap, and dance music overall!

So “Look Up” and turn up the volume…don’t be sad; it’s over. Smile; it happened!




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