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Independent hip-hop and rap artist, filmmaker and photographer Ty Bru delivers a moving performance with “LEGACY”

Tyler Brueilly, professionally known as Ty Bru, is a North Carolina native who rests on solid personal achievements. He was the recent recipient of the “Best Experimental” award at the Golden State Film Festival with his hip-hop hybrid film “A Night In Charlotte With Sweeney Ty” which was shown at the world-famous TCL Chinese Theatre. These are just a few of the many accolades he has won ever since he started his filmmaking and photography ventures, two creative outlets that he has found a way to seamlessly blend with his music.

As an artist who grew up in the 90s, he clearly remembers what sounded good to him, and when he came of age and became an artist himself, he vowed to remain dedicated to the purity of hip-hop and honor the very foundations it was built upon!

His track “LEGACY” is an affirmation of his own hip hop and rap artistry that honors the culture as well as an ode to his family, friends, and fans who have been with him throughout his journey. To him, his music and family are intricately connected, inseparable and, in a way, bouncing off each other.

His performance is smooth, mature, and thought-provoking. This is a huge testament to his storytelling knack; he effortlessly paints pictures and provokes thoughts and imagery with his vivid lyrics and emotive delivery.

At the track’s core is that complementary music video, which perfectly fits the track’s narrative both in symbolism and storyline. This eye-catching visual was filmed during a month-long exhibition for Ty’s numerous art forms at the Randolph Arts Guild last year in Asheboro, NC, and it has been selected as part of the 50 Years Of Culture Hip Hop Film Festival in Harlem, NYC which may seem like Brueilly achieving yet another feat.

Immerse yourself in this world-class performance. Follow the attached link, like the music video, add the music to your playlist, and share it widely

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