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Miami-based multitalented artist, record producer, and songwriter Ty Devinci has a new single, “Club Vibez” (ft. Mike Smiff).

Ty Devinci’s life has always revolved around music, and since the day he decided it was the career path he wanted to take, he has never slowed down, picking up from there and blending his strong love for music with that deep desire to pursue a career in music. Ty Devinci had of course started with writing short stories, which upgraded to writing poetry to finally songwriting and producing. Ty Devinci takes cues from his lifelong musical inspirations as well as real-life experiences to make music that resonates with unique audiences.

Ty Devinci has a new banger, “Club Vibez,” out on all streaming platforms. In this masterpiece, on which he features guest performer Mike Smiff, Devinci seamlessly blends soulful R&B with expressive hip-hop to fashion an ineffably beautiful soundscape that you can listen to over and over again without getting enough of!

“Club Vibez” is packed full of remarkably strong melodies and rhythms that are tied with potent sensual and seductive vocals that swim right through a listener’s soul. Through the high quality, fully realized features of this memorable track that certainly arouses all of your senses, Ty Devinci is able to cleverly fuse that inner spark inside with his poetic lyricism as he moonwalks over the beast like a smooth criminal!

“Club Vibez” has that indisputable performance flair that provides an immersive listening experience. This is what a seamless blend of raw talent, emotional storytelling, and an uplifting and cathartic experience feel like.

A feel-good banger that can boost the vibe in any setting, “Club Vibez” is all about the flashy and exotic nightlife of Miami, Florida, and immediately translates on any dance floor all over the world!

“Club Vibez” is now streaming on all your favorite platforms; follow the attached link and let this new banger boost your playlist!

To listen to more of his music and receive real-time updates on his upcoming projects, follow Ty Devinci through his handles @TyDevinci everywhere!

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