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Up-and-coming multifaceted artist and rapper Tyler LaRon invites us to savor the thickness and variety of his stylistic caliber with “Are You An Angel?”

The two-track single, “Are You An Angel?”, is the mark of an artist at the peak of his creativity—a multifaceted musician who is at the summit of his creative expression—and listeners are encouraged to enjoy the journey with him by adding these tracks to their favorite playlist.

The haunting ambiance of “Fallen Angel” is intriguing and appealing, with that laid-back poetic rap delivery drawing the listener in. This track showcases Tyler LaRon’s outstanding musicianship. This track is a great contribution to the genre and is worth checking out for aficionados of hip-hop and rap music.

With “untitled 3.26.23”, LaRon invites us to discover his artistic versatility and that limitless creativity that has flanked his career this far. This stripped-back, trippy, and soulful track features LaRon’s dreamy and haunting vocals. They glide over a hypnotic blend of rhythm and melody, creating a cinematic effect.

LaRon’s music has the power to transport listeners to another time and place, resulting in a unique auditory experience.

“Are You An Angel?” embodies diversity and versatility—two core pillars of LaRon’s artistry—and really reflects how his vision for music goes further than most that are of similar standing in the music industry.

And for someone who literally grew up around music, this shouldn’t be surprising at all, but it is the fact that he has been able to find his own footing and curve his own lane in the music industry that deserves critical acclaim.

This 2-track single, now available on popular digital platforms, awaits your discovery; follow the attached link, stream it, save it to your library, and don’t forget to share it with friends.

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