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Your All-time Favorite Pop Star Van Hechter Is Reminiscing About What Used To Be In His New Coruscating Single, “Back in Vogue”

My life really is simple; I wake up, eat, and Google to find out whether Van Hechter has a new jam! So, you can imagine my joy when I found out he has come through with another fresh track titled, “Back in Vogue”—oh, you should have seen me; I was beaming from ear to ear! If you really have no clue who Van Hechter is, then just Google, “Disco Brother” or better yet, “The Delight” and you will thank me later (even if it is in your prayers or dreams!) Well, he has always perfected the art of delivering hilarious yet impactful soundscapes as he feels that people have become too rigid and serious for life- it really never is that serious, you need to let loose sometimes, smile more often, hug strangers, kiss a tree you know!

Before Tinder, Grinder, and all these dating apps, people used to date, right? I would like to assume so because the recent happenings may trick someone into believing otherwise! Van Hechter couldn’t help but reminisce about those good old days when people actually met, had real conversations, and tried to create a connection outside of social media.

So Van Hechter decided it was better to take you “Back in Vogue” where there was no faking, no fake profile pictures, and no fake lifestyle. People weren’t trying to impress anyone, and life was good back then. Well, it is a melancholic nostalgia compared to the current times; the melodies contrast brilliantly with the theme to at least soothe your heart and calm your sad soul.

Delivered with a mesmerizing dash of soul and dance-pop, “Back in Vogue” has a danceable quality to it that effortlessly makes you want to get up and dance. His powerful and polished vocals slink through the melodies with distinction and clarity as he sings from his heart and soul to highlight the core theme of the track.

If anything, “Back in Vogue” is the type of track to take you back in time before technological sophistication; – not that they are bad, but you have to admit pressure wasn’t as high as it is now. Either way, “Back in Vogue” is just in time for the festive season when love is supposed to abound. So pump up the volume and dance with wild abandon to, “Back in Vogue.”

Follow the attached link so as to stream and save this track. Make camp to enjoy the other tracks from Van Hechter’s impressive catalog!

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