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The Disco Brothers Van Hechter & Chauncey Dandridge set to release their new single “From Love To Love To Love”

Following a successful campaign for his “Hot Damn” EP, musician and LGBTQ advocate Van Hechter is set to link up with his musical brother Chauncey Dandridge for a new enchanting and somewhat whimsical party anthem dubbed “From Love To Love To Love” that will officially release on July 4, 2024, on all the major streaming platforms. With an already established reputation for creating captivating anthems within the realms of dance music, this jam is no different, and a listener can expect to dance on their feet and at least smile at the lyrics, if they don’t laugh!

Van Hechter and Chauncey Dandridge’s incredible passion, driven by their deep emotions, brings a unique and heartwarming touch to everything they do, and that is truly inspiring. This collaborative tour de force is no different.

“From Love To Love To Love” comes at the outset of Pride Month and is an ode to fleeting gay relationships with catchy and memorable lyrics that capture the petty fights and revenge captured with tongue-in-cheek references that underscore the whimsical nature of the song.

The fast-paced melodies, deep driving grooves, and striking funky rhythm highlight the danceable appeal of this song, setting an ideal backdrop for Van Hechter’s fanciful performance that is complemented by an unforgettable chorus at the song’s heart. One that will continue playing in your head long after the song is no more.

A music meant for you to dance and where need be laugh at yourself, “From Love To Love To Love” is a huge testament to the power of music to evoke all manner of emotions from within a listener…and that is, if you let it!

Mark July 4th on your calendars, follow Van Hechter everywhere, and keep calm for this dance masterpiece that is more than guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your body, mind, and soul.

Van Hechter reminds you to continue advocating for gay rights and to be more receptive and welcoming of others’ love and life choices.

Check out Van’s newest EP, “Hot Damn” which encapsulates his deep love and appreciation for music as well as his love tales and lifestyle.

Follow Van on Instagram to get up-close and personal with him.

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