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In His Own Words: Van Hechter on Transformative Tunes and Timeless Tales.

Hello Van Hechter. For those who might be discovering your music for the first time, can you give us a brief introduction to who you are as an artist, and what drives your musical passion?

I write dancing songs that are funny with often a darkness hidden behind the glitz. Because glitter always comes from a place of pain. The bright light never exists without darkness… But then we choose: are we going to stay in obscurity forever and just mull or decide to take all the anger, all the tears and turn them into something that shimmers magically?? Well- I choose the latter!

Your singles “Electrical Blue” and “My Kind Of People” have made waves in Paris nightclubs. What about these tracks do you think resonates with the Parisian audience, and how does it feel to achieve this success?

I never think of myself as successful. I hope I never do. Am I getting better at what I do? Yes! And am I enthralled when I see kids dancing to my songs when I could be there father???? WOW: YESSSSS!

As for Paris- I just clicked with one DJ who goes by the name of Eicosalm. He played me first! It’s funny: in NYC Chauncey Dandridge always spins my tracks first, now I have a new Parisian friend who does the same! How lucky can I guy get? I met both by accident!

Can you share some behind-the-scenes insights into the creative process for “My Kind Of People,” especially regarding your collaboration with Sainte-Croix, and how you crafted its unique dance quality?

I really wanted to write about extreme-wokism and how I find we’re all getting a little too touchy! I’m all for full respect of everyone and equal rights— OF COURSE I AM. But a democracy also implies different people have different views. You can’t shut people up just because they don’t think like you. Furthermore, too much censorship leads to no humor! We’ll never survive as a species without laughter!

This is a conversation I had with Sainte-Croix… And he came up with a really good riff, then produced the whole track.

What’s something most people don’t know about you? Whether it’s a hidden talent, unusual hobby, or personal philosophy, we’d love to hear something unique about Van Hechter.

Well, Van Hechter is a fictional character. I invented him around age 4. My mother had just died and I’s go through her things which were all still in the house, find her eyeliner and pencil in a mustache. Once I had that mustache on everything was ok… No pain, no fear, no tears: only comedy and disco. In many ways, Van Hechter saved my life.

Fans are eagerly looking forward to what you have in store next. Can you give us any hints or insights into upcoming projects, collaborations, or the direction you’re planning to explore in your future music?

Electrical Blue is a teaser to next Spring’s EP. Eryck Wyseman and I are working at making the best album possible. I love ALL the songs. I’ll be overjoyed to release it.
Also I have a new duet with Chauncey Dandridge due out in the fall and a super dance remix to My Kind Of People should be out before 2023 ends.

Is there anything else you’d like to say before we wrap things up? Are there any words for your fans, shout-outs, or special acknowledgments you’d like to make?

I say it each time. It’s a cliché. I am absolutely nothing without you!!!

For fans old and new who want to dive into your music or keep up with your latest releases and performances, where can they find you online, and what’s the best way for them to stay connected with you?

Instagram is good- and I respond in person, I don’t have an assistant for that one- if you write I’ll read and answer: @vanhechter… However, do follow me on Spotify and SAVE the songs you like!

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