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Van Hechter Once Again Brings The Magic Of Eclectic EDM Soundscapes In His Single “Looking Back”

Working magic into music, Van Hechter has been taking over the electronic dance space in style and fashion, taking listeners on a musical journey where everything feels just right and glows with a shimmering abundance of electrolyzed melodies that pump from within the steamy skills of production. He is an artist full of energy and passion and throughout his tracks; he tries to emote that passion and energy through his endearing performances that absolutely leave nothing to be desired.

Taking a look at his Spotify channel, for example, you will notice that he has thousands of monthly listeners which is very impressive and his astonishing catalog boasts of popular releases such as: “Disco Brother”, “Love In Miami”, “Go Where You Must Go” “The Delight” and many others (the list is endless!). Today we relive his 2018 single “Looking Back,” which has recently topped the music charts and has earned him a lot of praise and recognition.

Music being his creative outlet, Van Hechter has always possessed that genuine niche for telling his own stories and experiences through music, and “Looking Back” is no different. With a theme of betrayal from one of his closest friends, the song is far from melancholy; instead, it is a very optimistic and uplifting piece that tells of how he has made peace with that situation and is happy things happened the way they did, hence the title “Looking Back.”

“Looking Back” is not for the lazy ones- this is one of those tracks that invite you to dance to as the melodies stretch with a dazzling amount of melodic freedom and rhythmicity. The copiousness of the melody boasts of its fine emo features with the striking dance pop frills demanding their attention as well and his vocal style delivered in mouthwatering sing-song luxuriously stylish demeanor allowing a listener to easily resonate with the tune as its memorable verses stick themselves onto the head of a listener.

Van Hechter commands the rhythm like a qualified captain of a ship, matching the beats to power with his equally high-octane lyricism and knife-edge speed to construct a lyrical song that plays in your head long after the track is ended.

The perfect track to challenge you to embrace life situations and as they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But when life gives you Van Hechter, make a dance song.

For anyone experiencing sentiments of betrayal or hurt, this is the song to lose your emotions to as you dance animatedly throughout the space of your bedroom to its grandeur splendor and impassioned delivery. Follow the attached link and throw yourself right into the mix!

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