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Vandes Jackson’s “HYRB” featuring the incredibly gifted songstress MLE, is a sensual R&B odyssey through LA’s romance and realities!

Vandes Jackson is a multifaceted maestro of musical versatility who has once again set the stage ablaze with a tantalizing, silky-smooth, and infectious track dubbed “HYRB” – a masterpiece that transcends conventions and transports listeners on a sonic stopover through the streets of Los Angeles, where romance is blossoming. This scintillating R&B-scented gem, featuring the phenomenal MLE, stands out on the critically acclaimed album “Rockstar Trap Music II,” which boasts well over 10,600 Spotify streams and counting.

At the heart of “HYRB” lies an authentic storytelling prowess that paints a vivid portrait of life in the City of Angels. Vandes Jackson’s lyrical mastery captures the pulse of modern dating culture, interweaving experiences of romance, its highs and lows, in a narrative that resonates deeply with listeners.

And it’s not just about the music; it offers a window into the soul of Los Angeles, from its vibrant streets to its intimate moments. This track weaves a tapestry of emotions, connecting with audiences on a profound level. Vandes Jackson’s intention to craft something special for the ladies is palpable, and MLE’s stellar collaboration elevates the song to ethereal heights.

“HYRB” is a sensual, romantic journey, adorned with vivid lyrics, a contagious beat, and infectious flows. Vandes Jackson showcases his singing prowess and rap wizardry, while MLE graces the track with her gentle, sweet-sounding vocals, infusing an old-school powerhouse vocal range with soulful finesse. The result is a hypnotic, rhythmic masterpiece exuding an irresistible bedroom vibe.

Vandes Jackson and MLE’s collaboration in this jam is a testament to their musical synergy, seamlessly blending their talents to create a track that transcends boundaries and resonates deeply with its audience, making it another notable jam in Jackson’s impressive repertoire.

This jam is a must-have for your playlist. If you like what you hear, explore more in the full-length album, “Rockstar Trap Music II,” streaming everywhere.


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