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New York-based female rapper and singer Vanelladee delivers a charming performance with “Pay Me Back”- the bonus track to her “i feel Better” album

Vanelladee, a second-generation emcee extraordinaire, hails from Long Island, NY with big dreams to achieve global recognition with her music and style. She has been creating music for four years now, each time honing her skills and craft and consistently returning with stronger tracks that ooze charisma, raw talent and deserved acclaim. By day, she works as a bartender, and when she is not pouring her soul into the microphone, she also enjoys studying, writing, photography, designing, and modeling.

Her knack for the specifics and tailored delivery puts the listener right beside her as the music unfolds, and that is what sets her apart. She also possesses an unparalleled stage presence, wit, and charisma that announce themselves over any type of beat…simply put, she belongs in the limelight.

Vanelladee delivers powerful vocals and melodies that hook the listener instantly, and she’s got a fierce personality behind her beautiful face that she is not afraid of letting loose. She is currently making waves with her new album, dubbed “i feel better”

The track “Pay Me Back ” is a bonus track off of this album. The beat here is powerful and catchy and Vanelladee’s voice is expressive, ideal for the genre. She showcases her lyrical dominance with some thought-provoking observations and wit in a way that any listener can dig.

While it may feel confrontational, this song creatively delves deep into its storyline, and transforming it into melodies with universal appeal like this.

Featuring masterful flows, unique cadences as much as lyrical content, “Pay Me Back (Bonus Track)” feels perfectly poised to propel Vanelladee into the realm of hip hop and rap aficionados.

As an emcee at the peak of her creative expression, and set to continue doing her thing till it pays off, watch out for the name Vanelladee because she is riding all the way to superstardom.

Follow the attached link to stream “Pay Me Back (Bonus Track).”, and if you are in a jovial mood, make sure you stream the album “i feel better” and rate her artistry.

 To get up-close and personal with Vanelladee, check her out on Instagram.

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